Phoenix Cut™ Diamond

The Phoenix Cut™ Diamond has more facets to reflect the light, having 89, 31 more than the average round brilliant Diamond.

The Phoenix Cut™ Diamond was created in 1993 by Russia's finest Diamontaires. Named after the famous bird in Aesop's Fables, the Phoenix Cut™ Diamond sparkles more than any other gemstone. This cut is a similar shape to an emerald cut but with more facets to reflect the light. This was achieved using a highly complex formula, each facet being polished by hand to the strictest quality criteria, known worldwide as the "Russian make". Unlike many "new cuts" which are derivatives of existing shapes, or polished with extra facets, the Phoenix Cut™ stands alone, unusual, distinctive with immense fire and brilliance. Every Phoenix Cut™ Diamond comes complete with a HRD Certificate, which is recognised worldwide and almost all mounts are handmade to match every stone exactly. Each stockist has a protected territory in which to market Phoenix Cut™ and therefore Bradley CDG (HRD) has exclusivity in the island of Jersey stocking this cut of Diamond.